We’re a team of professionals that help businesses evolve… to move to the next level, to take it up a notch.  You don’t need to know your storyboard from your storytelling or your news-jacking from your growth-hacking, if you’re after a fresh perspective (without the jargon), we’d love to hear from you.

We love what we do and we know what we’re doing and that’s a pretty cool combination.


 Local. National. Global.


Some kids dream about being builders or firefighters, ballerinas or bus drivers.

At Fresh, we’re born storytellers.

We revel in crafting narratives that captivate, inform, inspire, engage and entertain. Our team lives and breathes novelty and innovation, unearthing appeal in the seemingly mundane, tapping into emotions and cutting through the clutter to make meaningful connections.

We delight in bringing words and images to life and using our creativity to tell your brand’s story to the people who matter most. We also like to share a laugh doing it (after all, a day without laughter is a day wasted).

We uncover the things that make you stand apart from the crowd and repackage with purpose.

Because sometimes, all a great story takes is a fresh set of eyes.